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Référence : AJOOO9
Whoever Want To Be Your Enemy,
Will Be Loser By The Power Of Phali.

Celui qui veut être votre ennemi,
Sera perdant par la puissance de Phali.

English version
Phra Arjarn O considered that “Phali” is very skillful, unbeatable, and Phali also gave precedence on his speech more than his life. Coincidentally, there are many magic subjects that related to Phali so, Phra Arjarn O decided to make this amulet for the believer to pray for any wishes with Phali. No matter the battle is about love or others, the owner of this amulet will always win because whoever wants to fight against with, his power will be reduced to be a half and belong to the owner of this amulet immediately. Moreover, who has this amulet will be the lucky person who has luck beyond others because Phali is the original owner of all astrology and fortune-telling subjects.

Backside was anointed with “Maharart Powder” and embedded with Takrud Phali’s Heart, Takrud Thep Bunchar, Takrud Phra Phet Chalu Kun, Endless Rich Gem, Gambling Ghost’s Broken Lasso and Thundered Torrapee’s Horn (Small size).

Made from holy chalkboard powder of many subjects that Phra Arjarn O has made and collected for a long time, mixed with “Fire Element Worshiping Powder” that is the holy powder which Phra Arjarn O used various kinds of fragrances and flowers to burn into the fire for offering to deity gods. Therefore, “Fire Element Worshiping Powder” is the supernatural powder that was happened from the flame of Fire god who can clean all things to be purely flawless.‼

Phali, The Unbeatable Monkey King.

In Ramayana, the oldest of the Sanskrit epic poems. Every characters has their own unique ability. However, all of those characters no one can be compared with “Phali” because he is the strongest monkey king who got blessing from God Shiva that “Whoever fights against Phali, that person power will be reduced to be half but, the power will fulfill and belong to Phali instead.”

Even The Great Giant Must Be Afraid.

Therefore, it can be said that Phali is the monkey king who never be defeated. Even Ravana also lost Phali twice times and he is the one who can catch Ravana’s neck by using only one hand even Ravana is the great giant who all deity god in 3 worlds must be afraid of him. Even the sun god also fears to shine his light to him so, the sun god must reduce the level of sunlight because it may make Ravana feels hot and even the wind god has to decrease the wind power to be faintly because the strong wind may damage to Ravana’s skin.

The Only One Who Can Catch Rama’s Prommart Arrow.

Moreover, Phali is the only one who can catch Prommart arrow of Rama in hand. When Prommart arrow was shot, no things can stop it. The only possible way to stop Prommart arrow will be happened when the arrow tip touches blood. By the way, the cause that Phali died because of Prommart arrow of Rama is that when Phali knew that Rama is the Narai’s avatar, Phali felt guilty for the promise that he had with Shiva god. That promise stated that “If Phali takes over Angel Dara in the casket that Shiva god gave to Sugriva as reward, Phali will be died by Rama’s Prommart arrow.”

The Monkey King Who Agreed To Die For Conservation Promise.

When Rama saw Phali felt guilty like that Rama felt pity and also considerated of Phali’s accomplishment so, Rama suggested the way to eliminate the curse to Phali by taking just a blood drop to drop on the tip of Prommart arrow and then the curse will be disappeared but, Phali will only has a tiny wound that has the size equal to 7 hairs width only. However, Phali denied Rama’s suggestion because Phali wanted to keep promise and maintain the Shiva’s speech to be long last forever. Phali willing to die rather than losing his truthfulness, honor and prestige so, Phali caught up Rama’s Prommart arrow and pierced into his heart by himself.

Maharart Powder Special Edition.
‼Use to upgrade normal person to be high class person already.‼
Since the ancient time, the magic masters who studies magic subjects and make amulets will always make and collect Holy Chalkboard Powder which named “The 5 Holy Powders”, it is 5 types of special writing & erasing holy powder consist of Pattamung powder, Maharart powder, Itthije powder, Trinisinghe powder, and Putthakhun powder. They have to make these holy powder because it is the initial material for making amulet in the future. However, when the magic masters want to make an amulet, “Maharart Powder” will be used as a material a little bit only because “Maharart Powder” is the holy powder that is the most complex and difficult to make when comparing with the others 4 powder.
For this Maharart Powder Special Edition that Phra Arjarn O used to anoint on Phali The Unbeatable, it is the inherited Maharart Powder of the well-known magic masters in the former times that were accumulated together before offered to Jao Khun Sri Son, Wat Suthat Thepwararam to use in the important ceremony for public benefit. There is a belief that this “Maharart Powder Special Edition” was ever used in many important ceremonies to upgrade normal person to be high class person already.

Endless Rich Gem.
-This gem has auspicious name that mean “Endless Rich” so, people believe that who has this gem will always be lucky and never lack of money.

Takrud Thep Bunchar.
This Takrud is the combination of 5 holy Yant from the great 5 magic scriptures consisted of:
1. Yant Pattamung
-The power of this Yant is “Supporting Destiny”, it refers to the origin of living things in the world.
2. Yant Maharart
- The power of this Yant is “Opulence”, it refers to the origin of king and the origin of flourish.
3. Yant Itthije
- The power of this Yant is “Charm”, it refers to the charming and attraction power which effect for both of human and animals.
4. Yant Trinisinghe
- The power of this Yant is “Protection”, it refers to the origin of god from 16 levels of the sky, 15 levels of the ground and 24 levels of the nether world.
5. Yant Putthakhun
- The power of this Yant is “Peacefulness”, it refers to the holy power of Buddha, Dharma and Sangkha.

Takrud Phra Phet Chalu Kun.
-Made from the rope that mahout used to catch the elephant in the deep forest . This rope has power inside that will help the owner in case of protection from bad magic or bad spirit, eliminate the mysterious things and good for business also. The rope is very rare and difficult to find and make the specific ceremony to change the rope to be the powerful amulet. Normally, this rope is in the shrine of the ancestor mahout.

Gambling Ghost’s Broken Lasso.
-“Gambling Ghost’s Broken Lasso” is the mystical item that was justified in the magic scripture that whoever has this item will never lack of money and windfall luck. Formerly, this Gambling Ghost’s Broken Lasso is the necklace of professional gambler named “MR.Juan”, he is the well-known gambles that all of casinos know him well. He could play every gambling game that bet by money. He is one of the great gambler because he always get rather than loss in gambling game. Lastly, the ending scene of gambler will not be happy ending because finally, he got shot by his opponent at high-low desk and this necklace is the one that he worn on that day. Therefore, magic masters will find this kind of mystical necklace to make amulet because it refer to “Play Till Die”.

Thundered Torrapee’s horn.
-It is the thundered albinism horn which is qualified to be mystical item followed ancient magic scripture. It means that “Nothing below this sky is impossible to be owned by the owner of this horn.” Phra Arjarn O specifically cut out only “Wavy Part” of the thundered albinism horn to embedded at the back of Phali because there is a belief that the wavy part of albinism horn has “Phali’s Handprint” exist when Phali used his hand broke Torrapee’s horn so, it is the mystical item which has Phali’s power remain inside.

Takrud Phali’s heart.
-This Takrud will boost up the power of Phali to be much more stronger.

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