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LP Ophasi (B.E. 2441~2498) began his monastic studies at 5 years of age and became a novice at Wat Tai at age 13.
amulet of Lp Opase
LP Ophasi (B.E. 2441~2498) began his monastic studies at 5 years of age and became a novice at Wat Tai at age 13. His teacher noticed that he was a gifted student and advised him to go to a larger city to complete his studies, which made the young LP Ophasi travel to Wat Tah-Po, and then to Bangkok to study Pali. LP Ophassi liked to study and learned several languages.

He was the disciple of the famous LP Kob of Wat Kao Salika in Lopburi. Although they never met physically, they communicated remotely by telepathy during their meditations and thus LP Kob transmitted his teaching to LP Ophasi. LP Kob had developed a technique of meditation based on the concentration on a flame, He had the incredible capacity to maintain such a concentration without interruption for very long periods (40 days without eating or sleeping). LP Kob transmitted this knowledge and technique to LP Ophasi.

When LP Ophassi reached the highest level of study, his behavior started to change in a strange way. He observed the precepts strictly, and in particular refused all the gifts which was made to him. He burnt them by saying that these objects were temptations which will make him unhappy and that the fire was the solution to this problem. On one occasion LP Ophasi failed to put out the fire in the temple and this made the villagers very dissatisfied. They did not understand why LP Ophasi was behaving like this and many villagers thought that he had become insane. The abbot requested LP Ophasi to leave and he was invited to stay at Wat Asham Bangmod in Bangkok. During the years he stayed in Wat Asham Bangmod, LP Ophasi became very famous for his predictions. Faithful disciples came from far to see him from morning to the evening.

In B.E. 2498, LP Ophasi and two of his disciples where invited to a Buddhist gathering in India. LP Ophasi asked his two disciples to leave before him and that he would join them later. He also told them to tell the organizers of his delay and the date of his arrival. Many of his disciples went to the airport to wish LP Ophasi a happy voyage, but he did not appeared. A few days later they were informed of LP Ophasi death. In fact, that evening, LP Ophasi told his disciples that he was going to remain in meditation for several days and not to disturb him under any circumstances. Then he went into his kuti. He stayed there until an anxious disciple decided to go and see whether LP Ophasi was well. He entered the kuti to find LP Ophasi in a state having all the aspect of death.

During this time, in India, the two disciples of LP Ophasi attended the Buddhist gathering, together LP Ophassi. LP Ophasi spoke with many other Buddhists dignitaries and even gave a state education in front of several hundreds of people, with photos of this occasion being taken. LP Ophassi bid goodbye to his two disciples, and told them that he was going to return to Thailand by separate means of transprt. When the two disciples arrived Thailand, they found it hard to believed the news of LP Ophasi death. Everyone thought that they had became insane when they said they had spent the past days with LP. Only the testimonies of several other monks present and the photographs in India of LP Ophasi proved the truth of their incredible story.

Each year, the coffin of LP Ophasi is open, his body has not decomposed and his finger nails and hair are still growing and is cut. It was believed that the monk whom had enlightened, the body will not decompose or if the body was burnt, the bones will turn into stones or diamonds.
LP Kob had developed a technique of meditation based on the concentration on a flame
Traduction francais: LP Ophassi est né en 1898 et était l'ainé d'une famille de 8 enfants. Il commençât ses études monastique à l'age de 5 ans et devint novice au Wat Taï à 13 ans. Son professeur, voyant qu'il était un élève doué lui conseillât d'aller dans une plus grande ville pour complèter ses études, ce que fit le jeune LP Ophassi en allant tout d'abord au Wat Tah-Po, puis en partant pour Bangkok pour étudier le Pali au Wat Bawon.

LP Ophassi aimait étudier et apprit ainsi plusieurs langues. ll parlait ainsi Anglais, Tamoul, Malai, Japonais, Pali et plusieurs autres langues. Il était le disciple du Très Vénérable LP Kob (un moine d'origine Chinoise aux pouvoir miraculeux) du Wat Koa Salika à Lopburi. Bien qu'ils ne se soient jamais rencontrés physiquement, ils communiquaient à distance par télépathie durant leur méditations et ainsi LP Kob transmettait son enseignement à LP Ophassi. Le Très Vénérable LP Kob avais dévellopé une technique de méditation basée sur la concentration sur une flamme, il avait la capacité incroyable de maintenir une telle concentration ininterompue durant de très longues périodes (jusqu'a 40 jours sans manger ni dormir) et à transmis ce savoir et cette technique à LP Ophassi.
Lp Kob the master of Lp opase
LP Kob led a life full of mystery and miracles. No one knew exactly where he came from and when he was born. However, most people believed that he came from China's Yunnan Province and he was a Hokkien by dialect. LP Kob stayed in Wat Khao Salika, Lopburi.
On one occasion, the weather was bad and stormy and the heavy downpour flooded the village. Being an old temple, the people were worried if it could withstand the bad weather. Noticing that his disciples were worried, LP Kob told them not to worry as the rain was going to stop and indeed, the rain did stop.
Soon after his disciples became hungry. At that time, they heard frogs croaking outside, which made them even hungry. No one dared to ask permission from LP Kob to catch the frogs. LP Kob, as if reading their minds, told them to catch some frogs to eat. They were happy and went to catch the frogs, but after an hour they still didn't manage to catch the frogs. They had no choice but return to the temple disappointed and hungry.

On seeing that, LP Kob took a basket and returned with it fifteen minutes later, with the basket full of frogs! He instructed them to eat the frogs only within the temple and not to bring them home. But one disciple took a few home secretly. When he reached home, to his surprise, the frogs are no longer there and in their place were leaves with magical yants written on them! He immediately went back to find LP Kob to seek forgiveness. This incident earned LP Kob the name "Kob" which means frog in the thai language.

LP Kob was well-respected monk who had saved many from droughts and epidemic. LP never talked much and when his disciples asked him about his origins, he would reply to say that all these were not important but practising the Buddha's teachings is.

It was believed that LP Kob passed away in 1947. In the morning on the day which he passed away,it was said that he asked the people to donate rice and some other foodstuff to the temple for a ceremony. When he received the donations, he set fire to the stuff and that was the last time that people saw LP Kob. It was said that LP Kob disappeared with the flame. Some have reported seeing LP when they were in crisis and needed help.