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Kruba subin
kruba subin, amulette de fortune
Full of supernatural power, grant fast wealth luck fortune, successful wishes and strong protection. Kruba Subin Sumetso, powerful guru monk who mastered magics spell of '' Larnna '' era. Kruba Subin's gumarnthong and holy items are very famous and one best of Thailand amulets.
Kruba Subin Sumaetaso was born in 1979 in Chiangmai. Kruba had become a novice monk of Wat See Pa Doo, Chiang Mai province at the age of 7 years old. From then on he studied Buddhist mantra as well as practicing Buddhist precepts. When his age reached 20 he was then ordained at Wat Ban Pay, Chiang Mai province. Kruba had studied meditation and magic from many top monks in Chiangmai, Laos as well as Cambodia. Kruba is a disciple of Kruba Duang Dee who is the last disciples of Kruba Srivichai. Due to his interest in Buddhist supermagic, Kruba learned many types of magics such as Visha Thian Maha Setthi Pan Yang (holy candle magic) from Kruba In-Gaow of Wat PahNgae. This holy candle magic is the same as the one used by LP Samrit of Wat Tham Fad but Kruba is using red candle instead of yellow or white ones. Kruba also learn Visha Hua Jai Suea Saming from Kruba Noi of Wat Ban Pong and the magic of Thep Si Hu Ha Ta from Kruba Chaiyawong. Kruba Subin is very wellknown of making Si Hu Ha Ta amulets as many wearers found that by wearing Kruba Subin Si Hu Ha Ta able to bring them luck in gambling as well as in making their business good. That is why Kruba Subin Si Hu Ha Ta amulets price is selling very high price in the market. By the way, Kruba also studied invulnerable magic from Phra Kru SiriSupajarn of Wat Pa Khu. Kruba learned the way to create Takrut Kao Chakkrawan and Takrut Suea Saming from Poh Nan DuangTa who was also a disciple of KB Srivichai, Arjan ThaoThongDee (Cambodian). Kruba learnt charming and fortune magic form Arjan Suwan, AJ Buh Bu Ong (Cambodian) and Arjan Sathu (Karens). Other than that, Kruba also studied inscription the holy tattoo from Arjan Yoki Khrao Lek (a magical expert from Khao Oo). Now, Kruba Subin is the abbot of Wat Samnakshung Barn,Lang Tak Hung, Song Pi Nong, Thasek temple located in Chumporn, Thailand.
amulet bless/chanted ceremony wai-kru worship elders/masters spirits at WatBangasettungsretthi temple, lead ceremony by Luangpu Nen, abbot of the temple B.E.2554(2011)
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